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Chromium rich spring Spirulina

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Chromium rich spring Spirulina

Patent No.: ZL 201210336028.3; ZL 201210336003.3
Price: 798.00

Alga'an international chromium rich spring Spirulina is rich in natural high-quality organic trivalent chromium, with natural organic chromium up to 130ug per 100g. Has become the recommended product of China Diabetes Association.

The International Federation of diabetes research points out that organic chromium is a necessary trace element of human body. The synthesis and secretion of insulin are closely related to its content in vivo. Trivalent chromium plays a special role in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diabetes. Lack of organic chromium will cause disorder of glucose metabolism and reduce the affinity between insulin and receptor, β Cell sensitivity is weakened, and the number of insulin receptors is reduced, leading to impaired glucose tolerance and diabetes.