We are the first high-tech biological enterprise integrating fresh lead-free spring Spirulina at home and abroad!
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Shandong Boran Spirulina biology Co., Ltd

Column:Company news Time:2021-08-17

Founded in 2006, Shandong Boran Spirulina biology Co., Ltd. is the first high-tech biological enterprise integrating domestication, mutation, breeding, processing and sales of fresh lead-free spring Spirulina at home and abroad. Over the years, the enterprise has cooperated with domestic universities such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, the General Hospital of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, Shandong University and Shandong Institute of light industry, as well as professional teams such as the University of Duisburg in Germany and eco solution in France, cultivated top algae species, pioneered patent cultivation and processing technology, and developed various forms such as selenium, zinc and chromium enrichment Many varieties of lead-free spring spirulina. The products have been tested by national authorities and are rich in 49 kinds of nutritional elements, reaching the international leading level, and have successively obtained 9 national invention patents. In December 2006, he won the gold medal at the second China Elderly Products Expo; In 2007, it was recognized as a key leading enterprise by Jinan agricultural industrialization management working group; In 2008, it was rated as a high-tech enterprise by Jinan science and Technology Bureau; In 2009, it was rated as an independent innovation product by Jinan science and Technology Bureau; In 2011, it was rated as the demonstration unit of health industry in Shandong Province by the education branch of Shandong gerontology society; In 2012, it was rated as tourism commodity R & D base by Shandong tourism administration. Under the leadership and support of Jinan supply and marketing cooperative, the company has received strong support from leaders at all levels of the government, and leaders at all levels of province, city, district and town have visited the company for many times to guide the work.

Zaoan international lead-free spring Spirulina's unique indoor clean three-dimensional culture method is closed and clean without any pollution. The lead-free spring Spirulina under the microscope is complete and full without impurities. The world's rare and unique algae species are lead-free and have no algal smell. According to the inspection of the food quality supervision and inspection center of the national, provincial and Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, zaoan international lead-free spring quick-frozen and instant Spirulina do not contain any preservatives, starch dextrin, artificial colors and pharmaceutical ingredients.

In the future, the company will continue to give full play to its core technical advantages, give back to the society with high-quality products, and pursue the health of all mankind!